Investment Planning


The 3 Pillars of Successful Retirement Plans

    Professional guidance for the long term.
    Enjoy your future.

    At Park Place Financial, we provide investment planning services that is designed to help you accomplish your short and long term goals. Our registered financial advisors will assess your income and determine the most prudent investment portfolio for you. We want to help our clients remain financially stable so they don’t lose money for their retirement plan.

    Each team member uses analytics to stress test the investment risk in a clients portfolio to determine if the investments selected will facilitate cash flow during a client’s life. We partake in this process as a collaborative effort to ensure your comfortability.

    At Park Place Financial, there are no hidden agendas. Your financial future is our utmost priority and we want you to enjoy it. Learn how we can create a customized investment strategy for you. Schedule your free assessment now.

    What are your financial goals?

    Your investment plan is the foundation for strategizing towards your future. The objective you have in mind can be achievable with the help of Park Place Financial.

    Establish your Timelines

    Goals come with associated timelines or time horizons. In other words, when do you need to reach a goal? Is it a short-term objective? The time horizon determines the safety, income, and growth that investments need to provide.

    • Safety. Maintaining the existing level of wealth.

    • Income. Providing active income to live off of.

    • Growth. Building wealth over time.

    What is Your Investing Style?

    Investment styles are the different approaches that investors and money managers use. Understanding their approach helps assess the level of risk, growth, and value of a particular investment. Knowing how our clients approach investments helps determine what instruments we select. If clients are risk-averse, for example, we avoid high-risk mutual funds.

    Risk Tolerance

    In the same way, we look at risk-tolerance to match investments with our clients’ willingness to take risks. Conservative or lower-risk clients tend to lean towards income-generating investments that protect principle. Aggressive instruments look to future potential and not at short-term gains. For some of our clients, a balance of conservative and aggressive instruments provide for growth with a lower risk. For us, what is essential is a customized plan that works in the best interests of our clients.

    As an independent firm, Park Place Financial creates customized investment portfolios for clients, using an array of asset allocation strategies, such as:

    • Stocks and bonds
    • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Mutual funds
    • Annuities
    • Certificates of Deposit (CD)

    When looking at investments, diversification should be a primary consideration.

    Diversification is Essential for Financial Planning


    Proper allocation to stocks, bonds, alternatives, cash


    The style of investing


    The tax attributes of the investment

    Build your Portfolio With
    Park Place Financial

    We know investment planning is a process. It is not just a quick look with instant solutions. Our goal is to provide long-term value so you can invest your money confidently. If you’re ready to start planning your future, Contact us today to schedule a complimentary assessment of your finances.